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Tri-Lite day/Night Sight

Aro-Tek introduces a revolutionary new front sight. this sight offer the "best of both Worlds" because it not only glows during the day but also at night. The red fiber optic ring surrounding the green tritium vial collects ambient (UV) light and glows allowing for faster day time target acquisition, A bright red ring for day and crisp green dot for night insured that you will never have a problem finding your front in any shooting situation. This sight can be matched with any number of Aro-Tek rear sights giving a custom fell to any sight set.

Armorer's Kit

Includes all the tools you need for your Glock. 3/16" nut driver- Front sight installation 0.05" Allen wrench- Rear sight installation & Laser Adjustment 3/32 pin punch- Take Down Tool Carry pouch included with purchase of all three tools.



Ghost Rings Sight Set

Aro-Tek new Ghost Ring Sight are designed for fast target acquisition in day or night shooting conditions. The shooters eye automatically aligns the front sight dot in the center of the rear Ghost Ring. This enables the shooter to leave both eyes open, retaining peripheral vision, resulting in faster target acquisition and improved accuracy. A must brave for anyone who wears glasses. Ghost Ring Rear Sights can be matched with Aro-Tek Aro-Glow (red or green), Tritium Night or "New" Tri-Lite Day/Night Front sights.

Ghost Ring Rear Sight 
Aro-Glow Front Sight  
Tri-Lite Front Sight 
Tritium Front Sight 


.......................Ghost Ring...............................

A ring aperture designed to optimize the use of Aro-Glow front sights.

Aro-Glow Front

Aro-Tek was the first to bring this sight to the market. It allows for maximum front sight visibility in daylight


Tritium Rear

Match any color rear (green Yellow or Blue) with green Tritium front for low light target acquisition.

Dot Front

The standard combat sight. Bright white dot provides easy front sight pickup.


Tritium Front

Green Tritium front provides for excellent low light target acquisition.


Two Dot Rear

Match with a White Dot front sight to create a three dot sight picture.

Titanium Guide Tubes

This rigid Titanium Guide Tube replaces Glock's plastic spring guide giving the shooter a consistent "lockup" and smoother slide action. by popular demand Aro-Tek is now offering this quality product for the new Glock models G-26 and G-27. Available with spring assembled upon request.

Titanium guide tubes with spring

Extended Aro-Port Barrel


"NEW" Extended Aro-Port Barrels were designed with Glock's new subcompact models in mind. This drop-in barrel compliments the G-26 and G-27 giving them upgraded performance that no one else can offer. This drop in barrel is a must if you the hottest Conceal Carry Compensator on the market.


Drop In-Magazine Release

The Aro-Tek Drop-In Magazine Release is designed to replace the original plastic factory parts giving you added length and durability. No frame modification is necessary so you can install it yourself in minutes.